Bacon Bread

Bacon Bread

When I saw Rachelle Bowden’s post about Bacon Bread at the Blue Ribbon Bakery in New York, I thought, “So simple. So genius.” I never really thought about putting bacon in bread. Mind you, I haven’t made bread in years, but even so. Why didn’t I think of this?

Now the reason I haven’t made bread in recent years is that yeast is my enemy. Every year I make my mom’s butterhorn rolls for Thanksgiving, and they NEVER rise like hers do. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I always end up with these tiny, although still delicious little rolls, too small to make a proper turkey sandwich out of. And so I avoid any serious baking whenever possible. I buy pre-made pie crusts and pizza doughs. And if my husband wants bread, he relies on Oroweat.

And yet…I want bacon bread! What will I do with this dilemma? Hey wait, the internet! The internet is the solution to all my problems. And so I’ve found a quick and easy recipe for semi-homemade, pull-apart bacon cheese bread. No yeast or food thermometers required. And if we don’t tell anyone, they’ll never know how easy it was. I fully intend to claim that I slaved all day making this bread.

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