Bacon & Egg Salad

Bacon & Egg Salad

I’ve found a new blog to add to my favorites. It’s called Delish, and of particular interest to me is that the writer, Becks, blogs gluten-free, a lifestyle to which I am trying to adapt. But as an added bonus, her significant other luuurvs bacon, so she’s sure to have lots of recipes that I’ll enjoy.

bacon-egg-saladThis Bacon Egg Salad looks pretty amazing to me, kind of like a typical spinach salad, but with boiled eggs. Or maybe like a cobb salad without the cheese, tomatoes and chicken? I don’t know, it’s just decidedly simple, which is always helpful in inspiring me to make a salad at home. You can find the recipe and some nice step-by-step photos at Delish.

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  1. Nham, nham… my new favorite site… hehehe :)


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