Francis Bacon (the painter, not the Sir) – 1909-1992

Francis Bacon (the painter, not the Sir) – 1909-1992

Born in Ireland to English parents, Francis Bacon was a sickly child. He spent much of his unhappy childhood sedated on morphine to battle illness and allergic attacks. As a young adult, Bacon drifted from city to city, relationship to relationship, picking up a number of useful and artistic skills. He worked as both an interior and furniture designer before beginning his life as a painter. His works are noted for their dark and grotesque qualities.

Bacon tidBits

  • Francis was yet another Bacon of the homosexual persuasion.
  • While living in poverty in Monte Carlo, Bacon found that the reverse side of commercially made art canvas was a better medium for his work.
  • Bacon’s life in Soho was portrayed in both book and film.

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