French Toast Maple Bacon Cupcakes

French Toast Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Holy smokes, is that a mouthful, or what? A mouthful I’d be more than happy to try. This beauty of a treat came from more than once source. The unique French toast cupcake recipe is from Bake and Destroy, a name and site I just adore, even as a non-baker. You can find the recipe here. The maple glaze and burst of bacon inspiration came from this Live Journal entry from a pink-haired genius who goes by sweetkisses0530. All in all, I’d say a breakfast, dessert, or anytime snack that would make a great addition to your Bacon Day celebration.

And with that I sign off for the week to start preparing for the Royal Bacon Society’s International Bacon Day party. We’ll begin with a few bacon & wine pairings for our guests to rate, and follow it up with some of our favorite bacon recipes including, of course, the famous Bacon Bourbon. We’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and give you a full report on how the first annual event goes.

In the meantime, go ahead and start celebrating with your favorite bacon indulgence. And always remember: Everything tastes better with bacon!!


  1. Hope you don’t mind that I put one of your excellent bacon wallpapers on my flickr feed, and put a couple of links to you with it. Happy Bacon Day!

  2. these are the best ever


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