Grilling Time Again

Grilling Time Again

I love it when July 4th falls on a Friday. It’s the perfect 3-day weekend where you actually start the partying on day one and either rage on through, or have a full two days to recover. Believe me, I’ve done both.

I was looking for something to spice up tomorrow’s grilling menu. I do love the tri-tip, chicken, burgers, sausages and grilled veggies that are our barbecue norm, but I always come up lacking in the seafood department. I know bacon-wrapped shrimp isn’t exactly boundary-breaking, but check out this recipe. I love the flavor of chipotle and am always anxious to try new recipes using this smoky pepper. I think I’ll chop up some canned chipotle instead of using chipotle powder. And I’m DEFINITELY going to use more than 12 shrimp and 6 slices of bacon.

Everyone have a great holiday weekend, and be safe with those fireworks!

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