More bacon lollipops…and other zany things

More bacon lollipops…and other zany things


I don’t really know how my husband stumbled upon these delicious-looking bacon lollipops, but here they are in all their wavy glory. I’ve had this type of treat before, like the Man Bait┬ávariety. They are typically maple-flavored, because apparently people who make bacon candy have no imagination. There are two things I like about this new product from Vat19: 1) Three flavors! Of course there’s the obligatory maple, but you can also choose honey or bbq, and 2) Cool shape! Of course a bacon-filled lollipop should be wavy like a crispy strip.

So, yes, by all means go to this website and buy this candy, but while you’re there, you have to check out all the hilarious videos they’ve made to promote their products. Like the wares they’re peddling, the marketing is random and weird and highly entertaining. Our favorite was this one for the 26-pound gummy python. is a great place to shop for gag gifts, stocking stuffers and, what the heck, totally unique and usable kitchen gadgets. Or a fun place to spend the afternoon getting your Internet fix. Either way, satisfaction guaranteed.

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