More wearable bacon!

More wearable bacon!

Has anyone noticed that, um…people like bacon? Seriously good things keep being churned out by artists and chefs and hucksters alike. Today I bring you another Etsy artist, Melbell, whose shop is just full of cute novelty jewelry. Much of it shaped like the foods that you love. Whether your weakness be Hostess cupcakes or whole dill pickles, Melbell has created a unique way to show your devotion.

And because its Wednesday after Memorial Day and I can’t keep track of the days or the posts or the mountain of products I meant to write about this week, here’s a bonus. It’s the Bacon Bunny by Spidercamp, an Etsy shop that turns out some hilarious (but very rude) handmade stuffed toys. Looking for something to tell your ex-boy/girlfriend that he/she still holds a special place in your heart? Spidercamp probably has a bunny with just the right message for you. With button eyes, no less.

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