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You thought Burning Man was impressive? Forget about it, Bacon Man probably took just as long to build and is significantly more delicious.


Via FoodProof and NetDiva’s Flickr Set.

I love when one idea snowballs into several others, and the bacon mat has been a major springboard for lots of bacon creations over the past few months. Of course there was the bacon cheese roll, followed by the bacon, chicken, cheese roll. And now this: the Bacon Explosion. Kaboom!

bacon-explosionIt was covered by the New York Times here, as a great idea for this weekend’s big game. But for the original step-by-step recipe, you can go to BBQ Addicts and see the carnage for yourself. This is more than just sausage wrapped in a bacon mat. This is a bacon mat topped with dry rub, covered in bulk pork sausage, topped with cooked chopped bacon and BBQ sauce, rolled together and thrown on a grill. Think you’re done yet? Wrong! Cover that sucker in another layer of BBQ sauce before resting briefly and slicing into juicy spirals of cardiac arrest. My breathing becomes labored just thinking about it.

bacon-explosion-2In the off chance that this recipe doesn’t do it for you, you can find lots of other great super bowl ideas at BBQ Addicts. These guys are a competitive BBQ team from Kansas City, so you know they know their stuff. Personally, I think it’s an amazing gift that these experts are willing to share their tips and recipes. I plan to bookmark this site and have the best summer BBQ season ever. Blam-o!

Great news from Rocco at Bacon Freak! There’s been a lot of talk lately about whether you can pair bacon with wine, and if so, how? RBS did just such a thing at our Bacon Day party, and it was a fun experiment to share with friends. I know Alexa over at International Bacon Day has been pondering the subject, too. So BaconFreak and CVWines put their heads together and came up with a great solution: they’ll pair the wine and bacon for us! It’s the Swine & Wine Club, and it’s a brilliant idea come to life.

swine-wineGarnering some expert help from local chefs, they’ve figured out which BaconFreak bacons go best with which wines, and taken the thinking out of the equation for their customers. Now you can sign up to receive 3 shipments of a great bottle of California wine and a pound of gourmet bacon. They’ll also send you a recipe to help enhance each particular pairing. You can choose the white or red wine club, and start indulging today!

goodbaconfudgeI’m loving bloggers this week. Yesterday, of course, was a heart-attack recipe from SOT, and today I have to draw your attention once again to the Ridiculous Food Society of Upstate New York. Mr. Dave constantly cracks me up, and last weekend he did it again. He wrapped bacon around an E.L.Fudge cookie. He ate it, he liked it, he stands by his recipe. That man is an innovator.

I love those Keebler elves as much as anybody, but it never occurred to me to attempt an improvement on their cookie perfection. What’s next, prosciutto-wrapped Sandies? Chips Deluxe pizza? You never know with the RFS.

Speaking of the Keeblers, did you hear about the E.L.Fudge finger controversy of 2005? Sounds like unsafe working conditions to me.

bacon-chicken-cheeseBy now you’ve all seen Foodproof’s Bacon and Cheese Roll. This thing is a modern marvel and fully deserves the wild acclaim it has received. I mean, seriously, that was brilliant. But, as with all great ideas, this one has already been one-upped. I give you the Bacon, Cheese and Chicken Roll from SOT. And I dare you not to drool.

bacon-chicken-cheese-2Now don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the elemental impulse behind eating just bacon and cheese. It’s like those Ultimate Cheeseburger commercials by Jack-in-the-Box. Cheese, meat, cheese, meat, cheese and that’s it. No bun required. Sometimes you have to feed that animal need inside you. But I also love chicken, and the refinement of seasoning this monster with roasted garlic is just the touch needed to take it from ridiculous to maybe not so crazy. Seriously, I might serve this at my next cocktail party. Right next to the rumaki.

bacon-watchI thought that headline sounded more dramatic and exciting with the year thrown on the end, like a breaking news story. Which I suppose this is, because hey! It’s an actual bacon watch! As in, a watch made of bacon! Well, sort of.

Yes, Archie McPhee has done it again. I love the old-timey look of the character on the watch face. It reminds me of the concession foods on the “Let’s all go to the lobby” cartoon they used to show before movies. Like he should be marching along behind the frankfurter and soda pop, just before the box of popcorn. Mmm…bacon at the movies. Another great idea just waiting to happen.