Everywhere you look these days, the partnership between bacon & eggs is being celebrated. Easily bacon’s most common companion, the egg has a sunny attitude that perfectly complements bacon’s crispy outlook. Here are a few great items for the upcoming gifting season.

The Sunny Side Up Tee from Urban Outfitters.


The Bacon & Egg Bag from Perpetual Kid.


We’re all familiar by now with bacon bandages, but these Bacon and Egg Bandages from Spitfire Girl take it a step farther. Those little egg bandages would be the perfect thing to ward off a heel blister while you break in a new pair of shoes.


And finally here’s a cute pair of Bacon & Egg Earrings from Shanalogic. These made-to-order danglies would make a great gift for that special bacon-lover in your life.

Thanks to holycool.net for introducing us to these fun new products.


Quentin Tarantino, eat your heart out.

And you thought the race between Obama and McCain was tough. Can you imagine having to choose between Bacon and Fries? Although clearly, the more versatile candidate won. Somehow I just knew Bacon was a Dem.

via lazerdave’s Flickr photostream.

My friend Christine sent me this recipe months ago, but I decided it really had to be saved for Thanksgiving. And now that November is here, the recipe sharing can commence. This pie is unique in many ways. First off, it has a graham cracker crust rather than a traditional pie crust. Score. Next, it calls for fresh pumpkin rather than the easy canned stuff I always use. Sounds challenging, but fun! Also, there’s cream cheese, possibly the best spreadable substance ever invented. And finally, 16, count ‘em, 16 slices of maple bacon. Astounding! The pie got mixed reviews from those who tried the recipe, and I can see why this would not be everyone’s cup of tea. But that won’t stop RBS from spreading the word on any feasible bacon concoction!

I can actually see myself making this pie without the bacon, but pork has always played a prominent role in my Thanksgiving celebration. This year, I’ll be starting the day with the now-famous Bacon Cinnamon Rolls and mimosas. Guests are invited to show up as early in the day as they dare, but only if they plan to eat and drink as much as I do.

The main event will be a traditional turkey, stuffed with seasoned bread, apples, sweet and spicy Italian pork sausage and water chestnuts. On the side there’s always a mountain of mashed potatoes and a river of gravy. We buy all the green beans we can find and blanch them before sauteeing with bacon. Beyond that, there will be my mom’s butterhorn rolls, some sort of obligatory salad (with dried cranberries of course), and plenty of wine. No yams. No black olives. No cranberry sauce. All the stuff I love and none of the stuff I don’t.

With dessert we bust out the Maker’s Mark for Hot Toddies or bourbon & Cokes. Pumpkin pie is a must, bacon apple pie is currently under consideration, and ice cream will be introduced this year. We’re even thinking of doing Bobby Flay’s bourbon & root beer float. And now I need to know…what recipes are traditional at your Thanksgiving table? Do you have something that’s unique to your family? Do you have a recipe for an old standard that can’t be beat? Share with us! I’d love to add something new to my line-up!

Marianne couldn’t post today…she’s going to spend all day voting. Or at least that’s what she WANTS to do. She’ll probably spend the entire day and night watching election coverage, so I offered to fill in for her.

On this Election Day, I thought I’d offer up a product for all your patriotic and bacon-loving pets. Sure, it looks like a dog food bowl, but in the spirit of cooperation, I’m going to say this would make a great gift for your favorite dog or cat! It’s the bacon flag pet bowl, and it says a whole mouthful with just four words.

I think we can all agree, no matter on which side of the political fence we stand, that bacon is good. So let’s join together under this great banner and be friends, neighbors, and fellow-Americans. And while you’re at it, feel free to share the wealth–of bacon–with your pets. Remember, we’re all in this together!

Don’t forget to vote!

Mother of Pearl, this one’s good! Vanessa from What Geeks Eat knows how to make doughnuts, a skill not yet perfected by Husband and me. We’ve tried a couple times with miserable results, but this new recipe gives me hope. A bacon doughnut with maple glaze is just inspiration I need. Just take in the beauty of this creation. Vanessa includes full instructions for this and the classic doughnut. It’s certainly more complicated than the bacon cinnamon roll, but probably worth the extra effort.

And now can you imagine this sucker with a cheeseburger on top?!

It’s my second favorite day of the year. I wish I could tell you I was going out tonight dressed as bacon like Gavin Rossdale, but I’m not. I’ll be Alice in Wonderland, an old tried and true. Because I’m being both cheap AND lazy this year! Remember in Alice when that baby turned into a piglet? Maybe I’ll wrap a package of bacon up as a baby and carry it along. Wouldn’t want anyone to think of me as NOT the bacon lady!

In celebration of this special day, I’m bringing back the Bac-o-lantern for your holiday viewing pleasure. Happy Halloween!!


There’s been a lot of talk about candied bacon, maple bacon, chocolate covered bacon, basically the ongoing quest for bacon made sweet. Further, people have mixed bacon into their favorite sweet treats, like pies, ice cream, chocolate and, of course, cinnamon rolls. I could link to at least one of each of those creations, but you’ve already seen them all.

That said, I was pretty impressed with the Boston Globe’s list of recipes for lacquering your savory bacon with sugary goodness. The first is a simple brown sugar and orange juice glaze that sounds just amazing and I fully intend to try. But then the list goes on to add chile, cinnamon, black pepper, honey mustard, mango chutney…you name it, you can add it to your bacon!

So go crazy. Experiment. Find out what works best for you and those you love and report back. We’re always looking for new ways to make our bacon even less healthy!