It’s like two arch-enemies, locked in a secret lovers’ embrace.

As I mentioned during the Bacon Day posts, Rocco from BaconFreak gave us A LOT of bacon. We had already purchased many pounds of bacon ourselves, so were not able to use it all on Bacon Day. Fortunately, this means that we get to sample it at our leisure and tell you about each one individually.

Last week my husband and I busted out the Coastal Caliente Smoked Jalapeno Bacon. This appealled to my husband immediately because he loves everything to be spicy. The bacon is rubbed with a dry spice mix and dry cured. The spice mixture was pleasant and not too spicy, but then again we eat a lot of hot foods at our house. For those with a more sensitive palate, it might seem muy caliente. I tend to be boring when it comes to bacon, avoiding even maple flavoring and sticking with just a strong smoke flavor. My husband, however, loved this spicy new taste and was more than happy to snag the last slice in the pan.

A few days later, we made some white bean chili. I usually start my chilis (and almost everything I make) with a few slices of bacon, so we decided to try it with the jalapeno variety. It was fabulous! I usually put lots of chili powder and cumin and other spices in the mix, but the bacon took care of all that. A little black pepper and crushed chili flakes and the flavor was perfect. My husband called it the best we’ve ever made. So there you have it: from the breakfast table to the stock pot, jalapeno bacon is a great way to add some spice to your life!

OMG! These look so good, and so easy to make. The brilliant Mr. B over at Bacon Today came up with this crafty idea, and I cannot wait to try it. Basically, you buy a tube of pre-made cinnamon rolls, unroll each one, place a strip of bacon inside and roll it back up. Cook according to the instructions on the tube and you’re done!

Skulls and Bacon had the same question I did: was the bacon done enough? Mr. B says he was fine with the bacon as it was, although he admits he’s not necessarily a crispy bacon guy. I have a feeling I would want to pre-cook the bacon just a little. Also, one of his readers tried the recipe and found that she had a hard time unrolling the rolls. Be sure you get a nice big can of high-quality dough to make your job easier. That said, I say we all go out and try it this weekend!

Alexa from International Bacon Day wrote to tell me that Austin, the creator of Bacon Boy, is not doing well. As you may have read, Austin has leukemia and recently received a bone marrow transplant to battle the disease. Let’s all keep our hopes high for this brave young artist.

If you feel so inclined, you can go to the Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP) website and purchase a Bacon Boy T-shirt. The last time I checked their shopping link was having trouble, but you can place an order by emailing The cost per shirt is $20, they come in red and blue and range in size from children’s small to adult XL. Half of the proceeds go to Austin and his family, and the other half benefit CHAP and its other patients. Let’s jump on this bandwagon and make Bacon a superhero!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Britain of East Oregonian newspaper.

The October ’08 edition of Bon Appetit magazine has this wonderful looking recipe for Cornish game hens with a corn bread and sage stuffing. Coincidentally, my husband had the urge to buy Cornish game hens over the weekend, so I’ll get to try this recipe in the coming days.

In preparation for said bird stuffing, I made cornbread on Saturday so it could dry out for a few days before use. Just before I started, my husband had the brilliant idea of adding bacon to the cornbread, which I immediately promised to do. (You can see why I love this man. Culinary genius.) Upon further reflection I thought I may as well add some of the sage while I was at it, since sage is such a integral part of the whole project.

I started with a single box of Jiffy cornbread mix, the only cornbread I ever really use. It’s so darn easy and doesn’t make a huge amount, which is essential when cooking for only one or two. I diced and fried five slices of bacon, and set aside to drain. I then chopped up a handful of sage, probably about a tablespoon. When all my ingredients were ready, I made the cornbread batter according to box directions and added bacon and sage. And voila! Ready for the oven.

I baked the whole concoction for 25 minutes at 400 degrees. I used a loaf pan, but an 8″x8″ would have been better, and probably taken 5 minutes less to cook. Of course I had to taste a slice, and I don’t know if I will ever make cornbread without bacon again. The sage I could take or leave…it might have been nice if I had fried it a bit before use. But what I will do next time is add a handful of sharp cheddar cheese. Maybe serve it with chili on a cold fall evening. At any rate, if the game hens come out as tasty as the cornbread did, I’ll be a happy camper.

I’ve seen a lot of microwave bacon cookers in my day, but most of them are about the same. They’re usually a tray with poles or slats to drape the bacon over, allowing the grease to drip off and the bacon to (supposedly) become crisp in the process. The WowBacon is not so very different in concept, but for some reason is shaped like a pitcher, I guess to allow you to hang really long strips of bacon. The best thing about the shape is that it keeps everything contained so grease doesn’t splatter your microwave walls. And then of course you can pour the grease easily into your handy bacon grease jar.

Once again, I must confess that I’m not a microwave user. And I have serious doubts about any microwave device claiming to deliver crispy (crispy clean!) bacon. However, it does appear to have the least clean-up of any I’ve seen, and that alone makes it a notch above the rest. And look! They know how to use the internets!