I am completely blown away by this bacon art. The amazing Mingarro Brothers of Barcelona founded a multi-disciplinary studio, Brosmind, and have won a whole slew of awards for their work. Their art is fun and whimsical, and includes everything from illustration to functional art. I seriously suggest you spend some time wandering their site and checking out their latest projects.

And you should go back again and again to the link about the Mingarro brothers. The images of them change every time. These guys are some wacky Spaniards and I want to be their friend.

I wonder how the husband would feel about a bacon chandelier in the dining room?

When my husband became enamored of Eggs Benedict, I learned to make them at home. The hollandaise is time-consuming, but not as difficult as I had imagined. The egg poaching, however, I never quite mastered. Instead, I bought these handy egg frying rings from Williams Sonoma. They make the perfect size and shape of egg for an English muffin. And although I haven’t quite poached eggs in them, with a lid and a little water, they’re more steamed than fried.

Anyhow, the other day I wanted bacon & eggs. I didn’t want the eggs scrambled, but I wanted the bacon to be more incorporated–more a part of the eggs. That’s when I had this brainstorm: Line the egg rings with fried bacon, creating a bacon-wrapped egg! I immediately set to work.

First I fried three slices of bacon. I was using center cut, and was afraid a single slice wouldn’t go all the way around the ring. I was right. But a slice and a half was just the perfect amount. I might use 2 slices per ring next time, just for fun.

Next I added the eggs and a little salt and pepper. Once the eggs started to firm on the bottom, I put a little water in the pan and threw on a lid.

Finally, when the eggs were cooked enough to flip, I removed the rings and turned the eggs for a nice over-medium. They don’t look all that pretty, but I was totally satisfied with the flavor. These are destined to be a weekend regular at my house.

Love bacon, but hate all that greasy mess? Craving bacon, but also craving candy? Want to carry bacon around in your purse or pocket, but afraid it will attract a gang of feral dogs? Well Archie McPhee has just the thing for you! They’re Bacon Beans, and they’re consumption-ready today!

Yes, these jellybeans are bacon-flavored, and come in a handy re-usable bacon tin. And at a mere $5.95, the price is right. Treat yourself! Treat your friends! Go hog wild!

Some of you may remember an image used on this site: an ultimate bacon sandwich made of 22 slices of fried bacon and two slices of white bread. Period. Nothing more. Well that image was from years ago. The maniacal wizard behind that sandwich has moved on to bigger and…I won’t say better…more bacony things. Like Bacon Cereal. And I must say, this particular brainstorm is too much, even for me. This recipe calls for a pound of finely chopped bacon (the cereal), a bunch of blue cheese dressing (the milk), topped with bacon bits (the sugar). I just have to say WOW. This guy has guts of steel if he did indeed, as he claims, eat the whole thing.

And of course that recipe is totally last season. His most recent exploit is a Bacon Cheeseburger (didn’t I tell you they were everywhere??) using ground bacon as the burger meat. I have to give this guy props for so consistently treating his stomach with such utter disdain. I honestly don’t know if I have the nerve.


What gives with the cheeseburgers lately? Everywhere I turn, bacon cheeseburgers are in my face, tempting me to be bad. Very bad.

The latest rage seems to be the Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger, the basics on a glazed donut instead of a bun. It’s more straightforward than the Paula Deen version (no egg involved) but has the added pizazz of America’s favorite donut company. Apparently it’s named the “Luther Burger” after R&B singer Luther Vandross, and there’s much buzz about Mr. Vandross being the possible inventor. No hard evidence, of course, but I’m sure he’s very proud.

This new classic has been seen in St. Louis at a minor league baseball concession stand, at the New York State Fair, and at Google NYC’s cafeteria. It begs the question…when will this monstrosity reach the West coast? And where can I get in line?

Okay, so if you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know I made bacon-infused bourbon over the weekend. And when my bacon bourbon was complete, I wanted to get some expert opinions on its flavor. Where better to go than to the local teamsters? Well okay, not actual teamsters, but the union stagecrew at the local performing arts theatre more than did the trick.

I took my first sip (neat) with Tony and J.O., each of whom immediately gave rave reviews, claiming that they could indeed taste the bacony smoke, and that it took the slightly sweet edge off the bourbon. I agreed.

After that we made a batch of Manhattans (sweet vermouth, dash of bitters). J.O. felt that the bourbon would have been better served as a Perfect Manhattan (half sweet and half dry vermouth, dash of bitters) but all in all, the cocktail was enjoyable and we got two enthusiastic thumbs up!

About a half hour later, Todd (seen here with crazy opera props behind him) came along and did the same tasting procedure as we had. He said he couldn’t taste the bacon at all. He begrudingly said maybe he could taste a little smoke, but not really. Later he thought that his experience was being tainted by the plastic cups I was serving in. Apparently Todd’s too good for my white trash martini glasses. In the end, everyone decided we should try this again with a larger group of tasters, glass stemware, and maybe an added step in the infusion process, to be decided by me.

And so we’ll give it another go. And we’ll all have to drink more bourbon. Darn.

(Yes, I’m the idiot who took at the slightly blurry photos. Forgot my camera and apparently my phone camera is not that rad.)