So I finally did it. I made bacon bourbon over the weekend to share with some friends, and I thought I’d give you the step-by-step account. First things first, introductions. Bacon, meet Bourbon. Bourbon, Bacon.

Okay, pleasantries out of the way, I fried up a few slices. The recipes I’ve read have called for anywhere from 1 to 4 ounces of bacon grease. I went with about 2, although I didn’t actually measure so it could have been as much as 3. I used fresh, hot grease to warm up some grease i’d been saving in the fridge, and poured them into a clean pitcher.

And now the Bacon and Bourbon are getting to know each other on a more intimate level.

Mmm…congealing already.

While the infusion process takes place, I share the bacon bounty with my most discriminating friend.

After 2 hours at room temperature, I placed the pitcher in the freezer for more than an hour so all the grease could become very firm. I used a slotted spoon to fish out the larger chunks of grease, then I went with a double straining method: first, with a wire mesh strainer, then with cheese cloth and a funnel to make sure no little bacony bits made it back into the bottle.

And voila! Ready for tasting. In tomorrow’s exciting installment: Did Anybody Like It?!

UPDATE: Welcome reddit! Check out the post on tasting this delicious concoction!

How do I feel this morning? Outdone, that’s how. The amazing minds at Epic Nomz have created a burger so beautiful, so mouth-wateringly lovely to think about, I can hardly stand it. Once again, a bacon recipe that has me dreaming of dinner before I’ve even eaten breakfast. This burger is called the Brooklynite, and you can’t see the cheese because it’s INSIDE! Dang.

The genius behind this burger, besides all the high-quality, fresh ingredients, is that the bacon is coated in chocolate. And when placed atop a warm burger, the chocolate begins to melt and becomes a more integral part of the whole nomming experience. Strangely, this description got me thinking of how much I might like to substitute peanut butter for chocolate…kind of an Elvisburger. Or maybe add peanut butter to the existing recipe as a condiment.

And now I am drooling shamelessly on my keyboard. Apparently I’m going to go make myself a bacon cheeseburger for breakfast.

more cat pictures

Oh dear. It’s early in the morning, but this recipe has just made me start thinking about dinner. I don’t know who this Young Cooking guy is, but I like the way he thinks. This image reminds me of the greasy, pan fried noodles I’d get at this tiny little Chinese resaurant back home. Only better because, you know, bacon.

Bacon noodles are very simply egg noodles mixed with chopped fried bacon and butter. Honestly, the photo looks better to me than the recipe sounds. But I could easily see making this into something fabulous with a few extra ingredients. Maybe some chopped blanched asparagus and some parmesan. Or chopped tomatoes, torn fresh basil, a little cream and some mozzarella. Oh man, this could go on and on. Egg noodles are definitely going on the next grocery list.

First off, let me apologize to those of you out there trying to chime in on the Bacon Top 5 list. We didn’t realize we were having technical difficulties until some of you told us about it, so thanks. The very able Naseem got right on the case and we are back up and running. So please, give it another go and send us your bacon faves. I can’t live another day without them!

Now on to my rant. Someone out there has been talking about this new “bacon iPod case” that’s supposed to keep my iPod all warm and snuggly. However, as this image clearly shows, this case is not representative of bacon, but a nice marbleized cut of beef! Maybe even Kobe beef. And while Kobe beef is certainly a worthy and delicious meat, it ain’t no bacon.

So what gives, Mr. Jobs? Where’s are my bacon accessories? Why must I wander around, letting my iPod get all scratched and dinged when it would be so easy to throw together one more novelty case? And you think this butcher packaging is clever? Just think how cool it would be to wrap this baby up like a pound of bacon. Come on…you know you like it. I’d be more than happy to make a pitch to your marketing department.

I’m sure Steve Jobs will be emailing me later today. And there you have it. Royal Bacon Society: Changing the world, one post at a time.

Last Tuesday at this time I was not getting ready for work. I was sleeping. And then I was reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Later I went for an hour-long bike ride along the beach, followed by wine tasting with friends at a couple of local wineries. Truly a day to remember and repeat whenever possible. And then, to make it even more amazing, a bacon double cheeseburger at the Habit. Definitely in my Top 5 Best Uses for Bacon. In fact, let’s make a list:

1) Bacon-Wrapped Filet – I know, so typical and run-of-the-mill. But it’s popular for a reason. I would eat it every other day if it didn’t make me feel so guilty.

2) Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus – Pretty common in my house these days. I always thought that asparagus was the world’s greatest veggie, but bacon bumps it up to Food of the Gods. Less guilt-inducing than bacon-wrapped red meat.

3) Carbonara – I know this dish is traditionally made with eggs and pancetta, but I’ll take any bastardized version. Bacon, cream, parmesan and pasta are most common in my house, because those are ingredients I always have on hand. MORE guilt-inducing than bacon-wrapped red meat.

4) Bacon Cheeseburger – Preferably with American cheese, shredded lettuce and a slice of ripe tomato. Which is why the Habit ranks so high on my list of favorite burger joints.

5) Country Gravy & Biscuits – There is a big debate about whether gravy should be made with sausage or bacon. I have a very strong opinion…bet you can’t guess what it is. This is probably my guiltiest bacon pleasure, because it’s basically carb-topped carbs. Thank goodness it comes with fried eggs!

It appears that most of our readers are not big commenters, but I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this. What are your favorite uses for bacon? I just know someone out there has a fabulous favorite that’s going to make me bump my #5. Either that, or start building my Top 10 list.

Wow, that was one lovely, relaxing week, filled with much eating, bike riding, book reading, wine drinking and movie watching. Brutus had an indulgent week, too, and if you don’t believe me, just check out his bacon hangover in this photo. (I think we may be battling an addiction here.)

While I was away, it was reported that the price of bacon has begun to soar. I’m willing to drive less to save on gasoline, but you can forget about decreasing my bacon intake. In fact, I’m going to rush right out and try the newest sensation: Bacon Jerky! And it’s even on sale if you act now! Thanks to the bacon freaks at for their constant innovation in the world of meat candy.

And finally, I discovered something wonderful last week. Austin Winters, a 10-year old leukemia patient, recently won a national art contest for his animated creation, BACON BOY! I have been scouring the internet trying to find an image of this superhero (and his nemesis Fry Guy) but to no avail. I guess I’ll just have to wait for a t-shirt from the Children’s Healing Art Project or a glimpse of the Museum of Glass’ sculpture. Congratulations, Austin! A bacon superhero is just what this world needed.