I’m a pretty big fan of my dog. I personally bathe him and clean his ears and have spent an ungodly amount of money on his propensity to injure himself. Our house and yard are littered with dog beds and chew toys and fashionable collars and leashes. And treats? Forget about it. The top of the fridge has no fewer than three different varieties at any given time. Further, anytime I can reasonably prepare him a toned-down portion of what we’re having for dinner, I do. My parents think I’m nuts.

And still I can’t say that I ever baked my dog a birthday cake. Check it out! It’s amazing! Pupperoni for candles, and yes, that is real bacon adorning the side of the cake. I was more than stunned when I saw this cake. I was jealous of this professional chef and her dog-spoiling skills. I was sad that my dog never had it so good. And I was a little hungry.

While the chef doesn’t give an exact recipe, she does list the all-natural ingredients. And speaking of the chef, you really should check out the rest of her blog, I Shot the Chef. Lots of great recipe ideas and beautiful photographs of food. And let’s face it, without photographs, recipes can be pretty unmotivating. I have yet to buy a recipe book that wasn’t full of mouth-watering images.

And so a new standard has been set in my life. And though my poor, orphaned dog (whose birth date I don’t even know) will never have a cake that looks this great, his adoption anniversaries are likely to become much more delicious.

Has anyone noticed that, um…people like bacon? Seriously good things keep being churned out by artists and chefs and hucksters alike. Today I bring you another Etsy artist, Melbell, whose shop is just full of cute novelty jewelry. Much of it shaped like the foods that you love. Whether your weakness be Hostess cupcakes or whole dill pickles, Melbell has created a unique way to show your devotion.

And because its Wednesday after Memorial Day and I can’t keep track of the days or the posts or the mountain of products I meant to write about this week, here’s a bonus. It’s the Bacon Bunny by Spidercamp, an Etsy shop that turns out some hilarious (but very rude) handmade stuffed toys. Looking for something to tell your ex-boy/girlfriend that he/she still holds a special place in your heart? Spidercamp probably has a bunny with just the right message for you. With button eyes, no less.

Yes indeed, it’s Memorial Day Weekend, and that can only mean one thing: Barbecue! And while the local weather appears to be less than cooperative today, I fully intend to wrap some steak and shrimp and chicken in bacon and toss them on the grill, rain or shine. For those less carnivorous types out there (or those looking for just ONE MORE THING to wrap in bacon), I have found a great way to get your bacon and veggies at the same time.

It’s Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cob, and it’s brillilant! You know you were just going to slather it in butter anyway. Why not take it to the next level with your favorite pork product? This easy recipe calls for nothing more than corn and bacon, but I say open up your spice cupboard and go crazy! A little paprika (or cayenne for the more daring) will add some spice. Some cumin, or maybe a dash of curry powder for an Indian flare. Can’t decide? Go with allspice…tastes like something for everyone.

If this recipe sounds good but you’re not an actual consumer of meats, then don’t forget the Bacon Salt. It’s 100% vegan, and would give your corn a nice smoked flavor as it steams inside its water-soaked husk. That sounds really good, I think I might try that, too!

Enjoy the three-day weekend, Internet. You deserve the break. And happy grilling!

Internet, this bacon product might terrify you at first glance. It’s not the format we’re used to, and frankly sounded kind of gross when I first heard about it. But upon furthern inspection of the makers behind Bacon Jam, I have completely changed my tune.

If you’ve traveled much outside the U.S., you know that street vendors are common and very popular in most countries. My husband and I have often complained (while watching the Travel Channel) about the lack of street food, certainly in our city and throughout most of the country, New York City excepted. But there is a new generation of entrepreneurial chefs who are taking it to the streets.

Skillet Street Food is a mobile restaurant based in Seattle, and they are serious culinary innovators. Working out of a classic Airstream trailer, this is a restaurant without waitresses or waiters, where the chef himself hands you your order. The menu isn’t extensive, but clearly quality is the greater issue. SSF has been featured in Time Magazine, and was rated in the Top 10 Seattle restaurants by City Search. Next time I’m in the area, you can bet I’ll be checking their calendar to find out where they’ll be located that week. In the meantime, I’m now fascinated and must try the one piece of Skillet Street Food I can get online, and that’s the Bacon Jam. Thank you, Ebay!

You know, the cost of real estate in Santa Barbara is outrageous, even in the current market. Restaurants have a hard time making ends meet downtown with the exorbitant lease prices. If there are any local chefs out there looking for a way to stake your claim and make your name, may I suggest you take a lesson from these mobile masters. I promise you’ll have a faithful customer in me.

When my friend sent me a link to a bacon cheese burger, I thought, “So? I eat bacon cheese burgers all the time.” I assumed this was just a cheese burger with tons of bacon on it. Or, like, tons of bacon and awesome cheese. Something delicious but not far from standard. I was wrong.

This burger is made of bacon. Entirely. Bacon ground into a burgery mound and then shaped into a patty and fried. And I just had to say wow! Because that is intense. I feel like I should be jumping up and down and exclaiming that at last my prayers have been answered. And yet I’m not sure how I feel about it. Is there such a thing as too much bacon? Is that even possible? I feel like I’m beginning to question my very nature. There’s only one way to solve this…I’ll have to make one. And now you know how I’m going to spend the three-day weekend.

If the entirely-bacon cheese burger goes beyond your bacon eating capabilities, you might be interested to know that the El Rancho Marketplace in beautiful Santa Ynez, California has created a blend of high quality ground beef and bacon which they grind themselves in their gourmet meat department. The bacon adds the grease and moisture needed to balance out the low-fat content of the beef. So if you’re ever out in Santa Barbara County wine country, make the stop. It will be well worth your while.

I once titled a post Bacon Sushi? because I figured…it doesn’t exist. I can waste that title because I’ll never find real bacon sushi to post about, right? Right?! WRONG!

So let me backtrack by saying that my husband and I went to a fancy schmancy sushi place with friends recently. The kind of place where you can get a roll called “The Italian” which features sun-dried tomatoes. The kind of place with a menu longer than Moby Dick. The kind of place where every single customer is white. Now, I live in Santa Barbara so that may not be saying much, but you catch my drift. It’s the kind of place you think you might just find bacon on the menu, because they serve rolls with pretty much every conceivable ingredient, served on a rainbow of non-Japanese sauces.

Point is, bacon was NOT on the menu, and I assumed that was the end of that story. But where there is a will, there is a way. I should have known that some blogger out there had done it, and would be willing to share the recipe, no less. So here it is, the Bacon Avocado Roll, courtesy of cyll.org. Throw some tomato and arugula in there, and you’ve got the world’s poshest BLT.


Grr’s bacon soap experiment (see Wednesday’s post) was such a hit with you interwebbers, I thought we ought to give you the tools to make your very own bacon soap! And thanks to all the goofy and talented people who contribute to Instructables, we now have step by step directions. I know a lot of you are crafty, much craftier than I. If you’re the kind of person whose friends and family can’t wait to see what awesome homemade thing they’ll get in their stocking this year, bacon and eggs soap might just do the trick.

Be forewarned: It takes more than 2 weeks to make this soap, thanks to all that poisonous lye. I’ve searched for a lye-free version, but sadly bacon fat just isn’t that good for washing without it. Even if you don’t plan to make your own soap, this video is worth the watch. Frankly, the fact that this guy took the time to make it look like bacon impressed the heck out of me. I would have been happy with just the smell.