candle.jpgThe Baconwood Box Company is a great little business with a penchant for hand-crafted, bacon-related wooden wares. There’s the bacon-wrapped scallop box! Bacon-shaped letter opener! Bacon tees! These people have got it bad for bacon.

My favorite by far is the Bacon & Eggs Candleholders. How great would these look running the length of my dining room table? (Seriously, folks, I would not be disappointed in this item as a gift.)

Hmmm, now if only someone would invent a bacon-scented candle.

It’s kind of long, but you’ll feel great knowing that no matter how much pizza/fast food/alcohol you consumed, it could have been worse.

As Homer Simpson so sagely warned us, “you don’t make friends with salad.” In view of this wisdom, we have scoured the internet seeking those bacon creations which most make us want to kiss the chef. Tune in every Friday for new ways to Make Friends with Bacon.

In this week’s edition, bacon meets hot dog. Hello, hot dog!


Now that’s bacon porn at it’s finest. Mmmmm… bacon porn…

abbey_cover.gifAs a constant frequent maker of bacon, I tend to stick to the pan-fry method. It’s simple and gives me the drippings I require to make everything else in any given meal taste like bacon. Although I have baked it on a cookie sheet and even used my grill pan (with an official bacon press!), I have never cooked bacon in a microwave. It just sounds impossibly wrong.That said, you have to see this microwave dish invented by an eight-year-old. It lets you cook lots of bacon at once, but attempts to make it vaguely healthy. Mmm, healthy microwaved bacon. I’m seriously hoping that this nifty gadget put little Abbey through a prestigious college and got her out of the land of microwave cooking.


Brutus - Dog on the StreetI have been asked to guest commentate on the subject of bacon and bacon flavored treats. My hobbies are extensive and include licking my butt and chasing things, but treats are definitely #1 on that list. I happen to be the recipient of numerous daily treatings, and so consider myself something of an expert.

I’ll begin with Purina Beggin’ Strips. The commercials claim that dogs don’t know it’s not bacon. Oh really? I couldn’t agree less. While bacon’s initial flavor is far superior to that of a Beggin’ Strips, it has a weird, pill-shaped thing in the middle that tastes just awful. But I always forget it’s coming. I literally cannot resist real bacon.

beggin.jpgOn the other hand, I literally cannot resist Beggin’ Stripss. My roommates always buy different colored bags, asking me would I like regular bacon, or bacon & cheese? I’m also well acquainted with cheese and am here to tell you they’re getting ripped off. It doesn’t taste like bacon, it doesn’t taste like cheese. It all tastes like the same bag of jerky. Don’t get me wrong, it’s delicious, but I wouldn’t loseWeight Exercise any sleep over picking my favorite flavor. Your time would be better spent guessing what I ate in the backyard this morning. Good luck with that.

Bacon LollipopsMaple-Bacon Lollipops. There isn’t much I can say about this product that it doesn’t say for itself. It’s made of maple syrup and bacon. It’s pretty much breakfast on a stick. Next Saturday morning, you can serve your family eggs with a side of lollipop. How popular would you be?

For the record, this company also makes Absinthe pops. But unless you love the evil flavor that is black licorice, I’d stick with the bacon pop. We don’t want to loseWeight Exercise any ears over this craze.