The UN-Royal Bacon Society

The UN-Royal Bacon Society

savenors-logo.jpgLooking to spice up your bacon routine? Craving bacon made of wild game? Search no further, Friend. Savenor’s Market in historic Boston has got you covered. Established in 1939, this upscale market was once frequented by East Coast royalty like the Kennedys and Rockefellers. It became a household name when Julia Childs, a loyal customer, made mention of the shop on her popular PBS program, even inviting her beloved butcher, Jack Savenor, to make several guest appearances.

Thanks to the modern marvel that is online shopping, you can now have a taste of this New England legend from the West Coast to the Pacific Rim. For just $180, you can join the 6-month Bacon Society, where you’ll get a different artisanal bacon shipped to your door each month, including varieties made of wild boar and duck! Too rich for your blood? Try the 3-month Bacon Society at half the price. Savenors features a variety of other monthly meat clubs, or you can just do your quality meat marketing with a click of the mouse. Don’t you just love the interweb?!

It’s nice to know there are other societies out there devoted to our favorite meat. It makes us feel like we’re part of a larger purpose, maybe even a cause. And while this particular bacon society isn’t royal, we would totally invite them to our ball.


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