World’s Longest Bacon?

World’s Longest Bacon?

Is there a world-record for the longest strip of bacon? I certainly couldn’t find one on the Guinness Book website, but I think we may have found the solution to that. This Flickr entry, from a mysterious man called Masta, records his progress as he takes a full slab of bacon and carves it into one incredibly long strip. I highly recommend you look at this as a slideshow. It must have taken incredible patience and some serious knife skills to pull this off. You have to see this image on a much large scale to truly appreciate the beauty of that almost never-ending slice. Simply breathtaking.

And so, in celebration of the looming International Bacon Day, I think we can congratulate Masta on making bacon history. Thank you, sir. You are our new hero.

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  1. Since I wont have internet tomorrow Happy Bacon Day!


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