Month: June 2008

Smart Bacon

It must be a wonderful time to be a vegetarian. Beyond the bounty of fresh and exotic produce available year round, there are some great companies out there making tasty meat alternatives. Heck, I’m not a vegetarian and I love St. Ives Veggie Dogs. So we asked our good friend Maurie to give us a review of his favorite bacon alternative. Here’s what he had to say: Yes, vegetarian bacon! Smart Bacon tastes great and is super easy to make too. It doesn’t curl up or really wind up looking anything at all like the picture on the front...

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Bacon in a Can

Internet, this product has just BLOWN. MY. MIND. I thought it was a joke at first, but no. Indeed this product is real. It’s bacon in a can and you can find it here. The camouflage can and the description “MRE” bring to mind images of men out camping, perhaps hunting deer. When you’re backpacking into the brush, you don’t want a lot of perishables in your pack. And when you’re hunting wild game, you don’t want the smell of grilling bacon to tip them off to your presence. So of course you need canned bacon. It gives you...

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