Month: December 2008

Bacon-Wrapped Eggs with Polenta

By far the most popular post we’ve ever done was Bacon Wrapped Eggs. I don’t know what it was about that recipe that made everyone’s mouth water so, but we got lots of great feedback and alternative recipe suggestions. Since this seems to be what the people want, we thought we’d share with you a recipe from Epicurious that adds lots of polenta, lots of cheese, and transforms simple eggs and bacon into a mega dish that will glorify any Sunday Brunch. I’ve been on a polenta kick lately, and I’m thinking this might make a dazzling New Year’s...

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Giant Bacon

Christmas is awesome. I don’t know much about why we do it or what it’s for, I just know that everyone hangs out at home all week and I get ridiculous amounts of treats and special dinners. Last week alone I ate prime rib twice, had corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast one day, and endured a seemingly endless stream of scraps from friends and family members alike. And I’m still working on a bag of bones leftover from that giant roast Marianne made on Christmas Eve. I know I’m going to be bummed when the good times...

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Bacon Justified

Aaaah, the holidays. I just finished a nine-day weekend, and will be back at work for just two days before another five-day weekend. And amazingly, I still feel like I could use more time. I’m pretty confident that I could make a full-time job of not having a job. Oh well, until that big lottery win happens, I’ll just keep plugging along and be grateful that I have a job in these shaky times. I’m also going to continue to be grateful for my husband, who bought me the world’s greatest cookbook for Christmas. It’s called FAT by Jennifer...

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Bacon as Currency

I’ve always thought that bacon was a highly valuable commodity. My entire life I’ve been hearing about pork belly futures, and honestly, nothing works better as a bribe to get people out of bed. So I wasn’t too surprised to learn that even at a hippiefest like Burning Man, bacon holds it value like gold. According to this anecdotal tale from Noelle Carter in the LA Times blogs section, bacon is king if you find yourself in a bartering situation. And speaking of the Times, they’ve been on a serious bacon high lately. The Daily Dish ┬áhas been hooking...

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Calling all Bacon Tattoos!

So my husband is a real sport. He’s got many tattoos, most of them on a nautical theme as he is, himself, a nautical man. However, in the spirit of supporting me and Naseem and our blogging endeavor, he has volunteered to get a bacon tattoo. This came as a surprise since he is not, in general, a “joke tattoo” kind of guy. Okay, he kidded once about getting a fingerstache, but I never believed he’d actually do it. And so it occurs to me that he may be just as serious about bacon as we are. And honestly,...

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Bacon for Pennies

In the current climate of economic FREAKOUT, everyone is looking for ways to cut back, stretch their dollar a little further, maybe get creative with classic low-budget foods like ramen and iceberg lettuce. (Believe me, I’ve been there. When we first moved to Santa Barbara and had negative dollar figures in our financial picture, I once came home to find my husband eating salad topped with rice.) Couple the ever-more-frightening global economy with our addiction to holiday spending and you’ve got one heck of a Merry Christmas! Thankfully, today there are amazing innovators out there, looking for ways to cut costs while still indulging in the things we love. Los Angeles’ Moe Berg found wildly affordable bacon at Whole Foods, of all places. I’m talking like two cents per slice of fresh-cooked, high quality bacon, people. Go check out his detailed (and hilarious) instructions here. If you live in a city with a Whole Foods, I beg you to go test this method, before the deli manager catches on and raises the...

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Potato Pancakes with Cheese and Bacon

When I was a kid, I tried countless times to make potato pancakes with leftover mashed potatoes. My problem was that there was no internet or Food Network when I was a kid, and I never found a real recipe. So, I would just shape a handful of mashed potatoes into a patty, dust it in flour, and fry it in butter or oil. As you can imagine, this recipe failed again and again, turning into a lump of warm mashed potatoes with a few crispy spots that mostly stuck to the pan. And yet I kept doing it....

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We all know that bacon is a delight to smell, to eat, to look at. Along with coffee and baking cookies, it’s a feast for the senses that makes me feel instantly warm and happy, not to mention hungry. What I failed to notice all these years was the beauty of bacon’s sound. In a 2006 interview with Pitchfork magazine, the iconic Tom Waits had this to say: Pitchfork: Do you have a favorite sound? Tom Waits: Bacon. In a frying pan. If you record the sound of bacon in a frying pan and play it back it sounds...

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