Month: May 2009

Twice Baconed Potatoes

I tend to get really lazy about cooking when my husband is out of town, which is good in some ways. More salads, fewer rich cream sauces, less red meat. But my husband’s gone a lot so eventually I get bored with whatever I’m doing and have the urge to cook something a little more time-consuming and artery clogging. This week I had an overwhelming desire for a baked potato smothered in butter and sour cream, so I made one. Actually, I baked two, but of course could only eat one, leaving me with a cold, baked potato. Exciting....

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As our faithful readers already know, RBS headquarters are located in Santa Barbara, home of no less than three major wildfires in the past year. It’s been scary and chaotic, but I recently had the super fun experience of having Naseem and her mini-farm stay with me while she was evacuated. Said mini-farm included two adorable baby chickens that she just got. She wondered if owning pet chickens might turn her against eating chicken. I said that was okay by me, as long as she didn’t get any pigs. A Naseem who doesn’t eat chicken is one thing. A...

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