Month: March 2010

Bacon Tee

If you want to get all scientific about it, bacon is good. Just ask the periodic table. From . Thanks,...

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Molten Bacon Grease of Death

A couple days ago my favorite blogger, dooce, told an amusing story about how she scientifically and irrefutably proved that microwave-safe plastic bowls cannot withstand the magma-hot intensity of fresh bacon grease. Nice work, Heather. The world owes you big time for this mind-blowing discovery, and all the personal trauma you experienced as a result. So today she thrilled me by posting a photo of my third-favorite dog, Chuck, balancing said microwave-safe bowl on his talented head, and labeling it “bacon art.” She also laughed at the idea of opening an Etsy shop dedicated to bacon art, or of...

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How many times a week do you eat bacon?

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