Month: December 2010

Say Cheese…and Meat!

Okay, after yesterday’s post I got an email with the following photo which, in my opinion, totally kicks the meat manger scene’s ass. I mean, the manger scene is hilarious, but would you check out the artistry on this thing? Sliced cheese doors and windows? Rosemary evergreens?! I’m dumbfounded. This work of art was created by Chantelle, one of the friendly employees at my favorite Santa Barbara shop, C’est Cheese. I’ve been fortunate to get to know the owners, Kathryn and Michael, over the past year while also getting cozy with some of my favorite cheeses. In some ways,...

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Failbook Never Fails

My favorite comment is the last. Sacrilicious will now be an active part of my vocabulary. Merry Porking Christmas!! Thank you, Holly! And thank you...

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