Month: December 2011

The Price is…Bacon!

This absolutely blows my mind. My good friends Chrissy and Smiley went to a taping of The Price is Right for their 4-year anniversary, because they are awesome like that. To my utter delight, Smiley was picked and yes, he was wearing the Bacon Freak shirt he won at Bacon Day 2008. Because we all know that a great t-shirt is the way to get picked on The Price is Right, and what could make better TV than a pig and a pithy phrase about bacon? Drew, of course, had plenty to say about it and, well, I won’t give away the...

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Naughty Little Brownie

Blogging is hard work, you know? Eating bacon. Writing about eating bacon. Thinking about eating and writing about bacon. It wears on a girl. We recently got a beautiful package in the mail from Leigh at Naughty Bits Brownies. And then we had to EAT BROWNIES. Geez. What more do you people want from us? And keep in mind that these were no ordinary brownies. These were Shiksa Bars, topped with maple-smoked bacon and bits of toffee. There was a lot of arm-twisting involved, but finally Naseem, Husband and I gathered round the table to fight over share these fudgy...

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