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Bacon News

Blue Ribbon Baconfest

Not to disparage the fine state of Iowa, but I've never had the compulsion to go there. I've probably driven through it on one of my family's many road trips across the country, but I can't say I remember anything…
February 27, 2009
Bacon News

Poor Ireland

  And so tonight I plan to raise a pint and make a silent plea for the plight of our Irish friends. May the gods of cattle smile on their gentle herds, and give them back their tasty bacon.
December 10, 2008
Bacon Art

Behold, Bacon Man!

You thought Burning Man was impressive? Forget about it, Bacon Man probably took just as long to build and is significantly more delicious. Via FoodProof and NetDiva's Flickr Set.
January 30, 2009
Bacon Recipes

Not Bacon, but Totally Related

So I know this here blog is supposed to be all about bacon, but let's be honest. There's a whole lot more to the proud pig than his delicious belly. One of the most versatile cuts (and my second favorite)…
October 26, 2010

OMG: Bacon Overload

Some of you may remember an image used on this site: an ultimate bacon sandwich made of 22 slices of fried bacon and two slices of white bread. Period. Nothing more. Well that image was from years ago. The maniacal…
August 11, 2008
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