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Bacon Sighting in SB

Here in Santa Barbara many restaurants come and go as it is a small town with loads of restaurants, but I feel optimistic for the newest one: State & Fig. Why? Because there's bacon. I recently tried their Mac'n'cheese and…
November 5, 2012
Bacon Reviews

More Cupcakes…with Bacon!

Here in the West, I think Sprinkles has become the cupcake standard. They make huge, beautiful cupcakes in lots of amazing flavors with every kind of colorful confetti topping you can imagine. Soon they'll be expanding across the country and…
January 15, 2009

Native Bacon

If you don't know the work of Dan Goodsell yet, then you are in for a world of goodness. An Imaginary World, no less. In the Imaginary World, you can follow the adventures of Mr. Toast and his many friends.…
November 19, 2008
Random Bacon

Our Bacon Wordle!

Have you heard of Wordle? This is exactly the kind of silly internet program that just tickles me to no end. All you do is go to Wordle ¬†and enter in some content, or even just your website's url, and…
December 11, 2008
Bacon Recipes

Bacon Old-Fashioned

As we've all heard recently (and redundantly), New York Magazine has called the bacon movement a dying trend, boring as a lecture about plastic bags and beat like the proverbial dead horse. Why, then, did they give us this delightful…
July 15, 2008

Southern Comfort

You gotta love The New Yorker. Wry, urbane, and recently under attack for some controversial cover art. You know what? It's not going to make me stop reading. Not when the latest edition features the Fourteen Passive-Aggressive Appetizers that would…
July 17, 2008
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