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International Bacon Day

Bacon Day 09: The Swag

Wow, it is really taking me forever to finish writing about Bacon Day. It was just SUCH a day! We had a number of very generous donors who helped us make this event a success. First and foremost was Rocco…
September 22, 2009
Bacon Reviews

Bacon Base?

Want the great taste of bacon in your recipes, but don't want to deal with the greasy mess of frying actual bacon? Well Minor's has just the thing for you! This Nestle affiliate has created Bacon Base, a "savory bacon…
October 8, 2008

Organic Bacon Treats

I have to be honest with you, readers. My roommate, Marianne, can be a little stingy with the treats. Sometimes I go to the office with her to help out, and for all my efforts I get, like, two treats…
June 30, 2008
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