Applewood Smoked Duck Bacon (12 ounce)



Unlike other types of poultry bacon, Maple Leaf Farms Duck Bacon doesn’t compromise on taste or texture! Made exclusively with boneless duck breast meat, Maple Leaf duck bacon is thick sliced and naturally applewood smoked for terrific flavor, yet has 57% less fat than traditional pork bacon. This bacon is made from cut and formed pieces of duck breast and fat, which gives the bacon a similar look to pork bacon’s streaky look. In just a few minutes in a skillet or convection oven, it’s crisp, delicious and ready to serve. Duck Bacon from Maple Leaf Farms is perfect for eggs, sandwiches, salads and burgers.

Founded by Donald Wentzel in 1958 near Milford, Indiana, Maple Leaf Farms began as a small duck operation producing 280,000 ducks its first year. Maple Leaf Farms’ commitment to quality fueled its growth over the next several years as its duck operation grew to more than 1 million in 1964. Although Mr. Wentzel passed away in 1968, his son-in-law Terry Tucker has carried on his vision at Maple Leaf Farms. The Tucker family continues to set the direction for the company, based on its values of commitment to family, friends, personal fulfillment, community involvement, and, of course, quality products. Today, this family-owned company dominates the North American duck market with innovative, value-added products of unequaled quality that create the meals you remember.

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