Bacon Flavored Lollipop



There’s something to be said about giant, swirly lollipops. They make us nostalgic of our youth! (If your youth was spent in pigtails, Saddle-Oxford shoes, pinafores or knickers, and boundless dirt roads that you skipped along.) But even if you didn’t spend your youth that way, you probably wished you did. And these large swirly lollipops turn that wish into a piece of reality. But you’re an adult now. You know that savory things are just as coveted as sweets and you know that Bacon is Meat Candy™ because you are one smart cookie. And since you’re a smart cookie, you’ve thought of combining candy and bacon into one awesome treat. (Also because you know, now, that life is too short to waste any time and you multitask constantly.) So there you have it: We’ve mulitasked for you and combined bacon into this big ‘ole lollipop. It’s a large swirly, stripey, bacony sucker of goodness. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you bust out the knickers and pigtails and start skipping into work with it. We can’t say the same for your boss, though. One 4-inch lollipop

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