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bacon-flutesI’ve been thinking all week, and I decided I just don’t have much bacon news to report from across the pond. Although we did enjoy the bacon turnovers in England a great deal, I can’t find a photo of them…Naseem probably has one in her collection. And in France, well, these bacon flutes speak for themselves. We saw lots of supposedly bacon-flavored novelties, but usually with a picture of a smoked ham on the packaging. And the one night I ordered pasta “carbonara” with “bacon” in it, those fatty little lardons just about made me loseWeight Exercise my appetite. Alls I’m sayin’ is, you don’t go to Paris for the bacon, right?

nutella-gallonRight. You go for the gallon-sized jars of Nutella. End of story.

The great thing about our vacation, however, was that we had lots of time to think about RBS and to start planning Bacon Day 2009. If you missed Bacon Day 2008, you can read here, here, here, here and here about all the frivolity and merriment. That’s right, it took five posts to cover it. So far I can tell you that this year’s party will be a brunch in a lovely Santa Barbara location, and that Bakon Vodka will be available for sampling! We may also have some surprise guests from other illustrious bacon sites, and of course there will be fun door prizes for many of you lucky baconeers. The date is Saturday, September 5. Seems like it’s far away, but don’t worry; this summer is going  to fly by. If you’d like to attend Bacon Day 2009, shoot us an email and we’ll add you to the evite list.

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