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Bacon Makes It Better

Never truer words were spoken. I mentioned in my Denny’s Baconalia post that Denny’s marketing campaign was both smart and funny. They showed us clips from the coverage they received for Baconalia 2011, and I can see...

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Bacon 2012

Tired of all the political noise and talking heads? Bacon Bomb. I believe that says it all. Oh, and stay tuned for the Parry Gripp audio at the end. This video has it all. Thanks Megan, for bringing the bacon.

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The Price is…Bacon!

This absolutely blows my mind. My good friends Chrissy and Smiley went to a taping of The Price is Right for their 4-year anniversary, because they are awesome like that. To my utter delight, Smiley was picked and yes, he was...

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Thanksgiving, eh!

For those of you just tuning in, we here in America just celebrated Thanksgiving; a day of feasting, fun and family where we celebrate how a long time ago, the Native Americans saved our asses. Or something along those lines. It...

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Bacon is good for me!

What happens when a health-conscious mom suddenly finds herself in charge of a junk food-loving family? Hilarity ensues, of course. Thanks, Bruce, for the biggest laugh I’ve had all week.

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Bacon Wins!

I’m sure many of you were aware that there was a vote taking place to determine once and for all which breakfast meat is truly king: bacon or sausage. Over at Super Action Vote, people were submitting videos and voting for...

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Flaming Bacon Lance of Death

Do you like bacon? (Well, technically prosciutto.) Of course you do. Do you like science content in your bacon blog? Who doesn’t?! Then I give you Theo Gray’s steel-cutting prosciutto torch. What could be more...

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You. Just. Got. BACON’D!!

I don’t often write about Kevin Bacon on this blog, due in part to the La Coronilla Treaty of 2008 (see the comments section.) And so I’m not going to say much about this clip from, except that it is...

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