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bacon_artI cannot believe how much bacon art there is to be found in this wacky world of ours. This piece here was on display at Bacon Camp in San Francisco in March. Ranging from beautiful to bizarre to downright ridiculous, bacon has opened up a whole new world for artists.

Case in point: Scott Ray Randall’s open call for bacon art. This is an ongoing project, and YOU can get involved! Between now and April 2010, Scott is collecting bacon art in any form: video, still life, free-style rap…you name it, just as long as it has bacon in it.

I’ve heard ideas and seen work from many of you RBS readers, and I think you’re just the people Scott is looking for. Go to his site, submit your work, and tell us about it, too! We’d love to see your creative side and share it with the world. Seriously, don’t you just love the internet?!

Make it work. Make it bacon.

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