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We were recently contact by Greg Kiesow, the creator of Crystal Bacon (no relation to Crystal Pepsi). Never heard of it? That’s because Crystal Bacon is a project in the works, a project that needs a little help. Greg is an acrylic sculptor who, with the help of his wife and daughter, has been turning ordinary acrylic into beautiful, detailed strips of bacon that can be worn, displayed, or even add adornment to your Christmas Tree. It’s a business in its infancy that could use our support.

If you go to, you can check out Greg’s project. His modest goal is to raise $2000, and he’s more than halfway there. You can help Greg and his family with a donation of any size, and with your pledge of $20 or more you’ll get a slice of the action. From ornaments to the beautiful acrylic and mahogany frying pan featured here, there’s a special premium for each giving level. If you’re so inclined, you can totally help make one man’s bacon dream come true. Good luck, Greg!

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