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Never truer words were spoken.

I mentioned in my Denny’s Baconalia post that Denny’s marketing campaign was both smart and funny. They showed us clips from the coverage they received for Baconalia 2011, and I can see where they got their inspiration. Late night comedy took hold of Baconalia, particularly the maple bacon sundae, and claimed it for their own. From Letterman to Leno to South Park, Baconalia was fodder for highly relatable laughs because of one important truth: America has been having a renewed love affair with bacon for years, and it keeps hitting new heights.

For their latest promotions, Denny’s has teamed up with the musical comedy geniuses, Rhett & Link, along with my husband’s favorite website, Failblog, to make videos you definitely want to watch.

And part II

In order to let you lovely Baconeers enjoy the Baconalia menu before it’s too late, Denny’s is offering four gift cards to our Bacon Ambassadors. Each ambassador is assigned a number based upon the order in which they sign up, and come 10 pm Sunday night, April 21, we’ll use a random number generator to pick four lucky Ambassadors to try out the Baconalia menu with friends.

So if you’ve been considering becoming an Ambassador but wondered what was in it for you? Now you know. Join now for your chance to win.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Yannick, Hilary, Paul and Christine on winning the Denny’s Ambassador drawing! Enjoy your gift cards, and feel free to share your thoughts here about the BACONALIA menu!

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