Month: May 2008

Bacon & Chocolate: Becoming a Serious Item

So I know I already talked about Bacon Chocolate, a colloidal mixture of high-quality chocolate and bits of yummy bacon. But this is a whole new thing. Full strips of bacon, apparently dipped in fudge. Someone sent me this image, and I just had to find out who was making this magic, and where it could be found. Turns out you can only find it at Marini’s, a candy shop with four locations to serve you in Santa Cruz, California. Fortunately, Marini’s has online ordering capabilities. Unfortunately, chocolate covered bacon is not currently on their online menu. But if...

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Well it has been a long week, and I’m looking forward to relaxing with a plate of hot bacon. Actually, I finally got all the ingredients necessary to try out the bacondaise recipe, so that’s the plan for my Saturday morning. And someone in my household is very excited. If you’re looking for something creative to do in the kitchen this weekend, look no further than and Kathy Maister’s 50 Ways to Use Bacon. She has put some serious work into researching bacon recipes and ideas so that I don’t have to. Because hey, it’s Friday. I wasn’t...

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The Joys of Adulthood

When I saw this chart, I just had to laugh because IT’S TRUE!! I have had many such revelations in my life. Like the time when my husband (then my 20-year-old boyfriend) and I were walking through the grocery store and he looked up at the immense aisle of cereal and said, “I can buy whatever cereal I want!” It was then that we realized that adulthood was awesome. It was 10 pounds later that we realized that adulthood had its responsibilities. And that maybe Cookie Crisp was not as good as it had always looked on the commercials....

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Is it too late for a prom tip?

I know I clued you in to the Bacon Tux in time for prom season, but what about the ladies? How will you ever match your date’s fragrance and charm? If prom hasn’t already happened at your school, this is the answer. The Bacon Tiara. It’s fancy. It’s crafty. It will smell delicous with any slightly sugary perfume you may have on hand. Eau de Pancake, anyone? Seriously, ladies, you can’t be outdone by your man. And this crown of pork will ensure that you are the talk of the red carpet. The gem of the gym. The queen...

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Never feed him after midnight

So there you are, wandering the back alleys of Chinatown, minding your own business and looking for illegal fireworks. Never could you guess that in the next shop, you’d find this adorable creature: He seems so innocent, so loving, despite the many spikey toothpicks threatening to stab you. Though hesitant to part with this rare creature, you finally convince the shopkeeper’s grandson that you’ll take good care of it and obey all the pesky little rules: Never expose him to direct sunlight, as it can burn his fragile body. Never let him near your cat or dog, as they...

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Bacon IS awesome

Here’s a lovely piece of truth from poopbear. See more of Mr. Poopbear’s art here, and let this little reminder carry you through the day until you can get home and have some bacon. Sometimes its the only thing makes Monday...

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Snake ‘n’ Bacon

I know this is Brutus’ day to post, but he couldn’t make it. Something about grandma being in town and boatloads of ham. In his absence, I thought I’d bring you something both animal and bacon related. And what could be better than Snake ‘n’ Bacon? People who run across the Snake ‘n’ Bacon comics will inevitably consider them either brilliant or ridiculous. The heroes are a snake and a strip of bacon, which I never would have surmised from the title. Snake only hisses. Bacon only says useful things related to bacon, such as “Pat me with a...

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