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I know this is Brutus’ day to post, but he couldn’t make it. Something about grandma being in town and boatloads of ham. In his absence, I thought I’d bring you something both animal and bacon related. And what could be better than Snake ‘n’ Bacon?

People who run across the Snake ‘n’ Bacon comics will inevitably consider them either brilliant or ridiculous. The heroes are a snake and a strip of bacon, which I never would have surmised from the title. Snake only hisses. Bacon only says useful things related to bacon, such as “Pat me with a paper towel to remove excess grease.” Author Michael Kupperman is a wonderful oddball whose work can be found in a number of respected magazines and comic anthologies, and he’s done some project work for the wonderful McSweeney’s.snakebacon.jpg

Looking for a bizarre but entertaining gift for that friend who loves bacon but has everything?¬†Check out a copy of Snake ‘n’ Bacon’s Cartoon Cabaret. You’ll laugh! You’ll gasp! You’ll crave a BLT when you’re done!

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