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Real Bacon for Dogs

Hi everybody! It’s been a while; We moved to a new house and I’ve been busy securing its borders, making the possums an offer they couldn’t refuse, if you know what I mean. I’m still swamped with trampling the flower beds and tasting the variety of greens around the house, but I just had to speak up about a new product. Boss Hogg’s Bacon Pet Treats are AMAZING! Basically, it’s small pieces of real bacon that have been jerkeyfied for a little extra chewiness. I could practically smell it through the packaging! Of course my roommates teased me relentlessly...

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Giant Bacon

Christmas is awesome. I don’t know much about why we do it or what it’s for, I just know that everyone hangs out at home all week and I get ridiculous amounts of treats and special dinners. Last week alone I ate prime rib twice, had corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast one day, and endured a seemingly endless stream of scraps from friends and family members alike. And I’m still working on a bag of bones leftover from that giant roast Marianne made on Christmas Eve. I know I’m going to be bummed when the good times...

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Home of the Free, Land of the Bacon

Marianne couldn’t post today…she’s going to spend all day voting. Or at least that’s what she WANTS to do. She’ll probably spend the entire day and night watching election coverage, so I offered to fill in for her. On this Election Day, I thought I’d offer up a product for all your patriotic and bacon-loving pets. Sure, it looks like a dog food bowl, but in the spirit of cooperation, I’m going to say this would make a great gift for your favorite dog or cat! It’s the bacon flag pet bowl, and it says a whole mouthful with...

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Happy Bacon Day To Me

I know you’ve heard a lot from me lately, but today I really HAD TO write. Last Friday was my 3-year Adoptiversary, and man did I score! I started the day by receiving a snazzy new collar that totally complements my caramel color. I came to work as usual, but I had a sneaking suspicion that something special was going on when Marianne got out the camera and started snapping pictures of me. Then I smelled something, an aroma both familiar and delightful. It was bacon. In honor of the occasion, Marianne made me a peanut butter carrot cake,...

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Bacon Man

I know Bacon Man may be old news to many of you, but I finally wanted to put in my two cents. You know what I admire about Bacon Man? The way all dogs love him. And even more important, I love the consideration he shows for his canine friends. Cooling off so they don’t burn their little tongues. Exposing himself to the elements in order to attain the optimum crispiness. You have to appreciate a giant slice of bacon who’s willing to put a dog’s feelings before his own. I’m a seriously huge fan. � You can find...

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Bacon & Cheese Snausages

Hey Internet, I’m back! I’ve spent the last few months cataloging each and every blade of grass in my front and back yards. It was a long process, but totally worth it. If there was a PhD for dogs, my dissertation would be on the Native and Non-Native Grasses of Santa Barbara, and How They are Affected by Dog Poop, Cat Urine and Skunk Dander. Exciting stuff. While this whirlwind of activity was going on, our regular grocery store stopped stocking pretty much every decent dog treat, and I was reduced to eating crunchy, bone-shaped cookies. Those things are...

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Organic Bacon Treats

I have to be honest with you, readers. My roommate, Marianne, can be a little stingy with the treats. Sometimes I go to the office with her to help out, and for all my efforts I get, like, two treats the whole day. It’s pretty unfair, considering all the support I give her during the day. Fortunately, we have a co-worker named Christine (not the Kevin Bacon-hating Christine, that’s a whole other story.) Christine seems to really appreciate the work I do around here, and regularly invites me to help out in her office. She’s also plenty generous with...

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