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canine.jpgLast night the roommates brought home the BEST. TREAT. EVER. They’re called Bakon Stripz, and like the bag says, they do make me go wacko. Stark-raving, foaming at the mouth insane, in fact. They smell exactly like barbecue sauce, which is odd but none the less wonderful. But then the flavor is more or less like maple-sweetened, hickory-smoked bacon. Great texture. Enticing appearance. This treat has definitely won me over. Seriously, I cannot stop thinking about this heavenly creation.

I feel completely inspired by this new taste sensation. It makes me want to try new things. Maybe a nice cobb salad with crumbled Bakon Stripz. Or perhaps a cheese souffle topped with a criss-cross of Bakon Stripz. Or what about just an entire bowl of Bakon Stripz? The possibilities are endless. Literally. I mean, I’ll take them anyway you want to serve them. Did I mention that I love this treat?

I have to go now. I heard one of the roommates in the kitchen. If I don’t get in there now it may be hours before they remember how adorable I am. But you? You go out and buy this treat. And then bring it to my house. The roommates were just talking about how they wanted to have you over for lobster and champagne. I’ll see you at 7:00. WITH THE TREATS!!

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