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Untitled-1Hi everybody! It’s been a while; We moved to a new house and I’ve been busy securing its borders, making the possums an offer they couldn’t refuse, if you know what I mean. I’m still swamped with trampling the flower beds and tasting the variety of greens around the house, but I just had to speak up about a new product.

first-i-tried-reasoningBoss Hogg’s Bacon Pet Treats are AMAZING! Basically, it’s small pieces of real bacon that have been jerkeyfied for a little extra chewiness. I could practically smell it through the packaging! Of course my roommates teased me relentlessly before letting me sample the product. First I tried reasoning with them.



 Then I resorted to force. Some people just won’t listen to reason.

then-i-used-forceFinally they open the bag, and the first thing Marianne does is take a bite. OF MY TREAT! She does this with almost everything she gives me, it is so weird. And rude. I don’t see her letting me sample everything she eats. Whatever. We finally get down to what it’s all about: tasting the bacon! Man was it delicious, exactly like eating a slice from the pan, but the thickness and chewiness made it much more fun to eat. I’m putting this at the top of my Christmas stocking wish list.tasting-bacon

I also tried Boss Hogg’s Bad to the Bone Dog Bones. These are country ham bones, full of marrowy goodness. The only problem is, my jaws are pretty strong and it didn’t take me long to break off a piece and choke on it. I guess pork bones have a tendency to shatter anyway, so you need to supervise your pet with this treat. Marianne took mine away. I was sad to see it go, but she quickly remedied my sorrow with another bacon treat. I instantly forgave her.

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