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dsc_0064Christmas is awesome. I don’t know much about why we do it or what it’s for, I just know that everyone hangs out at home all week and I get ridiculous amounts of treats and special dinners. Last week alone I ate prime rib twice, had corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast one day, and endured a seemingly endless stream of scraps from friends and family members alike. And I’m still working on a bag of bones leftover from that giant roast Marianne made on Christmas Eve. I know I’m going to be bummed when the good times end, but I’m not going to think about that now. I’m just going to live each delicious day to its fullest.

dsc_0083One of the best gifts I got in my stocking was a gigantic bacon chew by Beggin’ Strips. I get the regular-sized strips all the time, but this thing was a monster. I got so excited when they first gave it to me that I ran directly out behind the garage and buried it so no one else could have any. Later, when there were fewer –ahem– guests around, I brought it back out and enjoyed it at my leisure. I must say, the nutrient-rich soil made a nice complement to the chewy, smoky treat. I might have to try that with my Snausages when I get a chance.

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