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Hey Internet, I’m back! I’ve spent the last few months cataloging each and every blade of grass in my front and back yards. It was a long process, but totally worth it. If there was a PhD for dogs, my dissertation would be on the Native and Non-Native Grasses of Santa Barbara, and How They are Affected by Dog Poop, Cat Urine and Skunk Dander. Exciting stuff.

While this whirlwind of activity was going on, our regular grocery store stopped stocking pretty much every decent dog treat, and I was reduced to eating crunchy, bone-shaped cookies. Those things are alright and make my teeth feel good, but I missed the chewy, steak or bacon-shaped snacks I’m used to. To make matters worse, Marianne’s male counterpart went away on business, and my treat intake dropped dramatically. If I’m not getting quality, I should at least get quantity!

After many long and mopey looks on my part, we finally went to the pet store just for treats. In addition to my regular meat-shaped snacks, we found Bacon & Cheese flavored Snausages! Not that I don’t love the usual yellow-wrapped red snausages, but this flavor is far superior. First of all, what is that yellow and red thing? Pig in a blanket? And what is the blanket made of? Second, hello…bacon! And cheese! Literally my two favorite things, I’ll eat anything wrapped in either of these two items.

So my rating: Two paws up and a tail wag. And now I must be off. There are trees in both yards that need “watering.” A dog’s work is never done.


  • kathleen says:

    Marianne, so glad to see Brutus is still with you. I wondered when you said you were thinking of getting a puppy.

  • Marianne says:

    Boy is he ever with us! In fact, next Friday marks his 3rd Anniversary as a member of the family. I think my puppy dreams are just that.

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