canine.jpgSomebody please call my roommates, because they won’t listen to me. I’ve been trying to convince them that pigs ears (like horse hooves and other disposable animal parts) are a perfectly natural thing to give to your dog. Seriously, if I saw a real pig, do you know what I would do first thing? I’d run up and chew on his ears. They look that good.

If you’re unable to convince them, then at least talk them into these fake pigs ears, flavored like bacon: Better Than Ears Smoky Bacon Flavor I seriously doubt they’re as good as, much less better than, real pigs ears. But hey, I’m willing to give it a try. It has to be better than the carob brownies they bought. Yeesh.

In the meantime, don’t tell my roommates that bully sticks are made of bull penis. On second thought, go ahead and tell them what they’ve been handling all these years. They’ll be running for the pigs ears in no time.

PS: Don’t believe me about the bully stick? Go ahead, Google it.