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I know you’ve heard a lot from me lately, but today I really HAD TO write. Last Friday was my 3-year Adoptiversary, and man did I score! I started the day by receiving a snazzy new collar that totally complements my caramel color. I came to work as usual, but I had a sneaking suspicion that something special was going on when Marianne got out the camera and started snapping pictures of me. Then I smelled something, an aroma both familiar and delightful.

It was bacon.

In honor of the occasion, Marianne made me a peanut butter carrot cake, topped with maple-bacon-cream cheese frosting. Yum! It wasn’t exactly a gourmet’s creation, but it made me feel pretty special. The whole office came out to watch me eat, which was a little embarrassing, but I managed to muddle through. Here you can see me, the new collar, the cake, and a bottle of Bowser Beer. No party would be complete without beer, right?

After the party ended, I got to my favorite part…tearing up the wrapping tissue. All this excitement was immediately followed by a serious food coma that lasted well into the afternoon. I can’t remember when I last felt so good.

Is it next year yet?

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  • Reggie says:

    Well Brutus, consider yourself one lucky dog. My family adopted me 8 years ago and I don’t get jack!!! No cake, no treats, no new collar. The last gift I got was a Quiet Spot (upon your recommendation I might add) and that was just to shut me up. Tell Marianne to invite me next year. That cake looked amazing!!!!

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