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I have to be honest with you, readers. My roommate, Marianne, can be a little stingy with the treats. Sometimes I go to the office with her to help out, and for all my efforts I get, like, two treats the whole day. It’s pretty unfair, considering all the support I give her during the day. Fortunately, we have a co-worker named Christine (not the Kevin Bacon-hating Christine, that’s a whole other story.)

Christine seems to really appreciate the work I do around here, and regularly invites me to help out in her office. She’s also plenty generous with the goodies, like these delicious, organic, all-natural bacon and cheddar biscuits from A Dog’s Life. They’re wonderful, like a savory, crunchy cookie. And they’re organic so I can feel good about eating them, even on days when I earn…what, eight biscuits? Plus they’re small, so eight’s really like two. Thank you, Christine, for understanding a dog’s rights and needs. You’re the best.


One really cool thing about A Dog’s Life is that you can submit a photo of your dog, and it could possibly end up on one of their packages! The bag Christine bought has a local dog, Bella, and I think I may be the next best candidate. What do you think of this shot? Don’t I look buff? Do you think I have a chance?


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