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Considered by some to be the first scientist, Roger Bacon was a Franciscan friar and English philosopher known for his emphasis on empirical research and experimentation. Bacon studied at Oxford at the tender age of 13, and later became an Oxford master, lecturing on the teachings of Aristotle. As with many famous Bacons, Friar Roger was criticized for his forward thinking and rebellion. He criticized not only his contemporaries within the Franciscan order, but the order itself, which landed him on house arrest.

Bacon tidBits

  • Bacon is sometimes credited with writing the Voynich Manuscript and Speculum Alchemiae.
  • Bacon championed the scientific method, an empirical style of research whose official development would be credited 300 years later to Sir Francis Bacon.
  • This friar was a veritable Nostradamus of the sciences you really must check out his work. Start here: (

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