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In 1962, Arnold Barach dared to dream of a bright future, a world filled with ultrasonic dishwashers, electronic teaching machines, and yes, toaster bacon. Of course! It’s genius! Pre-cooked bacon sealed in aluminum pouches that can be easily re-heated by merely popping them in your countertop toaster. Like a meaty version of a Pop-Tart

In 1975: And the Changes to Come, Mr. Barach explores the many ways our world would change in just less than 15 years. This included kitchen innovations, some which were right on the money. Others, like the combo oven/freezer, didn’t make it so far. Some technology, like the television set that could receive signals from satellites around the world (!) came so true this guy must have felt like Nostradamus.

Seems that spheres were going to have a big year in 1975. Orb-shaped tabletop ovens and hi-fi systems would keep modern homes from appearing too “square.” Wow! Modern day miracles that were both convenient and stylish. I’m sold!

Sadly, I have yet to take delivery of any toaster bacon. I wonder what Arnold Barach would have thought of Bacon in a Can??

Via Bostworld.

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