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bacon-rolling-papers.jpgI live in California, a state notorious world-wide for being non-smoking. Anytime we run into a French person (and that could happen anywhere), they guess where we’re from when we decline their offer of a cigarette. Whether in Central America or Asia, the response is now familiar: “Aaaah, Californian.”

While I’m pretty fond of the goody-goody reputation, this product almost makes me want to give smoking a try. Juicy Jay’s Bacon Flavored Papers will give your next puff a smoky goodness that conventional cigarettes lack. Add that to the fact that you’re rolling your own, and you’re now the coolest smoker on the block. The only thing missing is a little maple-flavored tobacco to make this a perfect breakfast treat. Are you allowed to smoke pipe tobacco in cigarette form? Because if so this idea could make me a millionaire.

I’m a very committed Californian, and I really don’t want to condone smoking to anyone, young or old. However, I know there are those of you out there who will smoke regardless of all the health hazards; the surgeon general be damned. So all I can say is that if you MUST kill yourself, at least you can go out with the taste of bacon on your lips.

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