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A representative of Wendy’s contacted us recently and asked if we’d like to try some of their menu items, particularly their new “Pick Two” promotion, where you get two items for $4.99. Neither Naseem nor I had been to Wendy’s in years, so we decided to give it a go.

wendys-006I decided to try their half BLT Cobb salad and a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger. I’ll start with the burger and keep it brief, as the less said, the better. I understand this is a “junior” burger, probably made with small children in mind. However, that was one seriously small, flat bun with an even smaller beef patty. The veggies were unimpressive and the flavor was bland. The one good thing I can say about this burger is that the bacon was crispy, and therefore stood out in texture and flavor on the sandwich. More often than not, fast food bacon is sort of limp and greasy; this bacon was an exception. However, that’s where the compliments end.


I was pleasantly surprised by the salad. The greens were fresh and plentiful, as were most of the other ingredients. The chicken breast was fairly moist and flavorful, and the bacon, again, was crisp. Sadly, there was only one small slice of bacon. For a salad claiming to have its roots in the noble BLT, bacon should probably get a more prominent role. That said, this was an overall good salad, especially for a fast food restaurant.

wendys-009Naseem went a different route and ordered the fabled Baconator. Her burger experience was much better than mine. First of all, the Baconator comes on a Kaiser bun, which was a nice touch. The beef  patty was actually larger than the bun, and there were three (crispy!) slices of bacon. Point and point. The only real drawback here was the condiment mixture of ketchup and mayo, but I’ll admit that’s a matter of preference. Neither of us likes the two mixed, especially on a burger with no veggies. I’m sure if ordered without the condiments, she would have liked it even better. I’m not sure this burger really deserves the name Baconator, but maybe if you added a few slices like some have done at Burger King

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