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boston-bacon-beerWow! If ever there was an event that I wish I could be queen of, this is it: The Boston Bacon & Beer Festival, being held on April 24 in  Boston’s South End. That’s right. Beer, Bacon & Boston. More than 30 restaurants and at least a dozen breweries are coming together to help you find just the right beer for any of their bacon-themed treats. I’ve been to (and LOVE) beer festivals. I’ve had a great time at our own little Bacon Day festivals. But this…this is a dream come true. I’m drooling all over my keyboard here.

As you can imagine, this party has been a big hit. It’s already sold out once, but they’re planning to make some more tickets available tomorrow morning, April 7. So if you live in the Boston area and don’t have your tickets yet, please get online and get them tomorrow. Do it for me. Someone’s got to represent RBS. And to all the organizers of this food & beverage Nirvana, I will raise a beer and bacon toast in your honor on that day and hope to join you in 2011!

Thanks, Aaron, for letting us know about this great event. Proceeds of the Bacon & Beer Festival will benefit some pretty great charitable organizations. Please go to their website and check out all the details!

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