Since beginning this blog, I’ve been looking around for bacon beer. Of course, right? I’ve found so many different alcohol/bacon combinations, it seemed logical that somewhere out there someone had put bacon and beer together. But alas, my past searches have only led me to a German beer called Rauchbier, which means “smoked beer.” Most Americans who try it feel there is a distinct essence of bacon about it, due to the fact that the malted barley is dried over an open flame, rather than in a kiln. In centuries past, this was a more common practice, making smokey beer less rare than it is today. As it is, only a handful of breweries throughout the world practice this method now, and I have yet to taste one of these unique libations.

However, I am now very happy to report that I’ve finally found what I’ve been searching for. It’s Bacon Beer, and it can only be found (as far as I know) at the Front Street Ale House on the San Juan Islands in the beautiful state of Washington. I found a single review of this beer at Beer Advocate. It’s an American Pale Ale that’s infused with lean bacon, and got an overall rating of a “B”. Good enough for me, sign me up!

Is there anyone out there who’s tried either the smoked or bacon beer? If so, please tell us about it. If not, I’ve been looking for an excuse to go back to Washington…and I think I just found it.