bacon-chicken-cheeseBy now you’ve all seen Foodproof’s Bacon and Cheese Roll. This thing is a modern marvel and fully deserves the wild acclaim it has received. I mean, seriously, that was brilliant. But, as with all great ideas, this one has already been one-upped. I give you the Bacon, Cheese and Chicken Roll from SOT. And I dare you not to drool.

bacon-chicken-cheese-2Now don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the elemental impulse behind eating just bacon and cheese. It’s like those Ultimate Cheeseburger commercials by Jack-in-the-Box. Cheese, meat, cheese, meat, cheese and that’s it. No bun required. Sometimes you have to feed that animal need inside you. But I also love chicken, and the refinement of seasoning this monster with roasted garlic is just the touch needed to take it from ridiculous to maybe not so crazy. Seriously, I might serve this at my next cocktail party. Right next to the rumaki.