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Internet, this bacon product might terrify you at first glance. It’s not the format we’re used to, and frankly sounded kind of gross when I first heard about it. But upon furthern inspection of the makers behind Bacon Jam, I have completely changed my tune.

If you’ve traveled much outside the U.S., you know that street vendors are common and very popular in most countries. My husband and I have often complained (while watching the Travel Channel) about the lack of street food, certainly in our city and throughout most of the country, New York City excepted. But there is a new generation of entrepreneurial chefs who are taking it to the streets.

Skillet Street Food is a mobile restaurant based in Seattle, and they are serious culinary innovators. Working out of a classic Airstream trailer, this is a restaurant without waitresses or waiters, where the chef himself hands you your order. The menu isn’t extensive, but clearly quality is the greater issue. SSF has been featured in Time Magazine, and was rated in the Top 10 Seattle restaurants by City Search. Next time I’m in the area, you can bet I’ll be checking their calendar to find out where they’ll be located that week. In the meantime, I’m now fascinated and must try the one piece of Skillet Street Food I can get online, and that’s the Bacon Jam. Thank you, Ebay!

You know, the cost of real estate in Santa Barbara is outrageous, even in the current market. Restaurants have a hard time making ends meet downtown with the exorbitant lease prices. If there are any local chefs out there looking for a way to stake your claim and make your name, may I suggest you take a lesson from these mobile masters. I promise you’ll have a faithful customer in me.

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